Protecting Your Success

Security and Consulting Services

We specialize in unarmed Security Guard and Security Consulting Services. Servicing industries across the nation, Talos Secure Group has developed tried and true management and guard implementation processes that will exceed your expectations.

Our Security Officers are well trained and understand the importance of community integration. We make it a point to understand how your community functions so that we can best assist you. All Security Officers must pass multiple layers of vetting so that you can rest assured you are working with someone that you can place your full amount of trust in.

Talos Team Members

Our staff is consistently updated and trained on current industry standard practices as well as they are expected to attend regular “in-house” training programs. We do this to ensure that your security officer is knowledgeable and capable when the time arrises. Additionally, our administrative staff consists of licensed and trained security officers. This allows us to communicate efficiently with our officers and offer relevant guidance when need be to our staff operating in the field.

Installation Security Assessments

From top to bottom, Talos Secure Group has a clear and defined method to help you evaluate your facility. Using ISO-9001 as a starting point, Talos Secure Group can help you identify areas of potential risk and assist you in finding a cost effective solution.

Threat and Risk Analysis

Determining risks to your organization can be a daunting and seemingly obtuse process.  Being the first step to a comprehensive security plan; threat analysis is the essential foundation in which we build to reduce risk for our clients.  Talos Secure Group, Inc. professional staff will discreetly collect information in order to identify unattended variables within our client’s current business operations.  Our goal is to identify and fully understand the scope and origin of potential threats; how they can be avoided and assist in developing custom solutions for your business that will assist business continuity.


  • Government Facilities(Federal, State and City)
  • Private Schools and Educational Facilities
  • Corporate Retail locations
  • Bio-Engineering Firms
  • Apartment and Housing Facilities
  • Property Development and Construction
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and Medical Treatment centers
  • Agricultural Facilities
  • And more…

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