Protecting Your Success

Michael Grabski, EDO

Mr. Grabski has 16 years of leadership and operational management experience in physical security and security program operations. Michael served with the prestigious 173rd Airborne Brigade during Operation Iraqi Freedom I, Operation Enduring Freedom VI, and Operation Enduring Freedom VIII as a Non-Commissioned officer and Reconnaissance Scout-Sniper Team Leader. Mr. Grabski received two Bronze Stars for his courageous service ending his career as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. Michael is actively involved in ASIS and The American Legion attending local chapter meetings, participating in security and business industry activities. Additionally, Mr. Grabski volunteers for various non-profit organizations that assist returning veterans and their transition back into civilian life.  Mr. Grabski has worked in a variety of U.S. Government and Commercial venues managing dynamic security projects in often time constrained and complex environments. Michael has held positions of Operations Manager, Project Manager, Site Manager, Complex Site Supervisor and Shift Leader.