Protecting Your Success

Robert Smith, EMD

Mr. Smith has 17 years of direct and strategic leadership and operational management experience in protective security operations and security program design. Mr. Smith has conducted security operations globally; from California, the Continental US, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. He served with the U.S. Army’s famed 173rd Airborne Brigade serving as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in Operation Iraqi Freedom I, Operation Enduring Freedom VI and Operation Enduring Freedom VIII. Mr. Robert Smith is the recipient of our nation’s third highest award for valor, the Silver Star Medal for Gallantry in Combat. As a civilian Mr. Smith has managed highly complex multi-million dollar commercial and U.S. Government contracts globally operating in permissive and highly kinetic environments.  He has held positions within various Government and Commercial Security Venues as Operations Director, Detail Leader, Project Manager, Deputy Program Manager Operations, Lead Investigator and Contract Officer Representative.