Protecting Your Success

The Talos Advantage

We have taken every measure to ensure our clientele is in receipt of superior service and quality personnel.

Proactive Management

  • Management team that is fully involved and well versed in security.
  • 24-7 availability.
  • On call consultation.
  • Direct communication pathways available to all clients.

Effective Deterrence Without Business Interference

  • Security Specialists are adept in situation deescalation.
  • Trained Professionals that handle situations quickly, calmly and effectively to prevent disruption of your workflow.

Real Time Accountability

  • Verify our Security Specialist’s current location at any given point.
  • Receive notification when our Security Specialist’s enter and leave your site.
  • Client portal rendering site specific information enabling the capture of near real-time metrics.

Security Specialist

  • Client specified uniform.
  • Outfitted with appropriate equipment for your needs.
  • Geo-Fenced and Geo-Tracked for safety and accountability.


Determining who the appropriate individual is for a Facility Security Manager or Specialist can have its pitfalls.  Talos Secure Group, Inc. will assist you in finding the best possible match for your organization.  

We manage payroll and human resources for your embedded full-time team.  We also provide your team with all the resources available to our “in-house” staff to include comprehensive training, policy review and up to date local crime intelligence to add value to your risk management program.

Before we introduce you to a potential candidate; Talos Secure Group, Inc. ensures that all personnel have completed the following processes:


Both our management team and our client staff have the opportunity to determine if the prospective staff member’s relevant qualifications that acutely match the criteria required of your organization.


An extensive background check will be conducted to include financial status, DOD, DOS, FBI, county and state criminal database, social media activities and evidence of any illegal drug use.


Determine the candidate’s work ethic, personality traits and past performance to ensure a proper organizational fit while providing personnel that is in a realistic geographical range to your organization/facility.


Management familiarity with your organization allows us to ensure that the officer you are provided is a good fit for your community and provides the proper atmospheric environment to meet your needs.